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Website Design New Zealand

Website Design Auckland NZ

Jerry Webs deals with Website Design in Auckland NZ, with Big and Small Business design, implementation and management of websites for companies, individuals, organizations and associations. Our strong point is creativity, for each project we study and create new graphics, we seek the best color combinations, maximum usability and efficiency, all in accordance with the real needs of our customer. In the design and development of interactive solutions, Jerry Webs uses, in fact, the user-centered approach: our experts in Human Computer Interaction analyze and design the structure of the navigation flows and architecture of content, to provide the user a strong user experience and support in a simple, efficient and attractive logical paths of users in search of information.

Booklets, pamphlets (for hotel facilities):The leaflet or brochure, are two essential window on which to display their products or services. Jerry Webs design and creation of your brochure and your brochure studying in minute detail graphics and photography and copywriting of texts, to ensure maximum impact and ease of interpretation, following all the intermediate stages, from the choice of format and media type, to preparation of graphic layout, to final print.

Considers that: users = customers - Jerry Webs in Auckland NZ Market, knows the importance of updating a website and, by virtue of that, provides customized solutions for the management of online content (content management system) through which the customer will be able to update their website with no special technical expertise from a simple web browser.

Our web development solutions concerning the creation of ad-hoc programs developed with the most modern techniques and the most popular programming languages ??(.NET, Zend, Symphony), are supported by protected database, in some cases provide for the SSL secure protocol 128bit and more seamless integration with the look & feel and navigation of your website.

Form Professional, blogs, newsletters, mailing lists etc., Are just some examples of tools created by Jerry Webs to increase the interactivity of your website. We specialize in the design, creation and management of some indispensable tools for businesses in the tourism and hotel sector, real estate and shipping, such as last minute, special offer and prompt delivery, dinamic price list, online booking, real estate manager, and cruise yacht managers and other packages for managing news-events-events, publishing weather data and management / webcam monitoring.

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